Revenues of the Midas Group more than doubled in the first half of 2013, reaching PLN 92.56 million against PLN 38.92 million a year ago. This is a result of very dynamic growth in data transfer usage by Group customers.

“The popularity of mobile internet, and especially LTE technology, is growing rapidly. This has caused a jump in Midas Group revenues, which only confirms that the approved strategy for growth was correct,” said company Management Board President Krzysztof Adaszewski.

In accordance with the strategy of Midas S.A., the Group’s goal is to establish a state-of-the-art broadband LTE/HSPA+ internet access provider in Poland with its own telecommunications infrastructure. At the end of the first half of 2013, the number of base stations was more than 2,900. Further expansion plans anticipate that by mid-2014 (i.e. at the end of the second phase of network expansion), the Midas Group will have a total of over 4,000 base stations. The Group’s target is to ensure that 66 per cent of the Polish population is covered by the LTE network and almost 100 per cent by the HSPA+ network. 

In June 2013 monthly data transfer consumption in networks belonging to the Midas Group amounted to almost 2.4 million GB, against just under GB 1.5 million in December 2012.