Our profile:

Grupa Midas focuses on the operations in the TMT sector (technologies, media, telecommunication), and in particular on:

  • Rendering services of a wholesale access to the Internet for telecommunication network operators based on a technologically advanced HPSA+ and LTE standard. The activity is performed based on combined frequencies in the band of 900, 1800 and 2600 MHz belonging to the subsidiaries of the Group - Mobyland and Aero2.
  • Building of a modern telecommunication network through a national chain of base stations belonging to Aero2.
  • Rendering telecommunication services within the model of a virtual operator for business clients in the segment of small and medium local enterprises. The offer covers comprehensive services of mobile telephony and uses the asymmetry of rates for voice connections in CenterNet and Mobyland.
  • Rendering services granting access to the Internet for business clients in the segment of small and medium local enterprises.
  • Further development of the "wRodzinie" project - telephony friendly for each generation established in July 2009. Development activities assume the widening of the present target group of clients.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) – is a standard of 4th generation mobile telephony (4G). It is the most advanced communication technology granting the fastest mobile Internet in the world. The maximum data transfer speed to a subscriber is 150 Mbit/s and 50 Mbit/s from a subscriber. In practise it means a much faster data transfer than so far and therefore enables conducting o video conferences or on-line gaming with practically no delay in transmission. At the same time the latest technology enables diminishing data transfer costs, handling of a larger number of users and limits the volume of power consumed by telephones. Poland is the fourth country in the world, after Norway, Sweden and Uzbekistan, in which the technology was introduced and where such a service was made commercially available. On 7 September 2010 Mobyland Sp. z o.o. launched a commercial telecommunication network in the LTE standard in a harmonised band of 1800 MHz.